Yami Shibai S1 Hindi Subbed [Complete]

Title – Yami Shibai S1 (Andhkaar Ka Theatre)
Genre – Dementia, Horror, Demons, Supernatural
Total eps. – 12
Myanimelist – 7.13
Duration – 4 min per ep.

Plot – The mysterious, yellow-masked Storyteller is a man whose true name and origin are both unknown. He appears at dusk where children gather and recites sinister tales based on Japanese urban legends, to which his young audience eerily intakes. However, the Storyteller is no ordinary teller of tales. He incorporates a kamishibai, a traditional paper-scrolling device, to add visuals to his already demented narration.

A series of short horror stories, Yami Shibai begins with a bachelor who, after moving into a new apartment, immediately starts sensing a malevolent glare being pressed into him. A single talisman rests on his ceiling, but he has no way of knowing it is one of the few safeguards that separate him from a bottomless pit of suffering. Each story is more terrifying, more appalling, and more sickening than the last as the Storyteller’s audience find themselves being sucked into the vicious world of his words.

Hindi Subbed Episodes》

Sub by – Brock Lesner

Thanx to – SNK

Enc. By – SNK




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