Kotoura-san | The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura Hindi Subbed [Complete]

Title – Kotoura-san | The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura
Genre – Comedy, Drama, Romance
Theme – Espers, School, Superpowers

Myanimelist – 7.28
Duration – 24 min per ep.

Plot – Since childhood, Haruka Kotoura’s classmates have seen her as a creepy and monstrous person. This is due to her ability to read other people’s minds—the same ability that drove her parents away, leaving her alone with her grandfather. As a result, she has grown accustomed to the bitter treatment by the people around her, becoming completely cold and unsociable to others.

However, everything starts to change when Haruka transfers to a new school. While most are off put by her as usual, she meets Yoshihisa Manabe, who finds her power astonishing. Yoshihisa then proceeds to befriend Haruka, promising to never leave her no matter what happens.

Haruka’s new experiences of social belonging thus begin, meeting new friends and learning to open herself along the way.

Hindi Subbed Episodes》

Sub By – Oreki

Thanx To – Killer

Enc. By – Kharera Shab

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Episode 1-6   Links:  [AAT HD]  [AAT SD]  [AAT FHD]  [MG SD]  [MG HD]  [MG FHD]

Episode 7-12   Links:   [AAT HD]  [AAT SD]  [AAT FHD]   [MG SD]  [MG HD]  [MG FHD]






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