Jujutsu Kaisen Hindi Subbed! [24/24] Completed

Jujutsu Kaisen Hindi Subbed [18/24]

Jujutsu Kaisen Hindi Subbed!

Genre – Action, Horror, Demons, Supernatural, School, Shounen
Total eps. –  24
Myanimelist – 8.05
Duration – 24 min per ep.

IMDB Info》

Jujutsu Kaisen  Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (2020– ) 8.9
Stars: Junya Enoki, Yûichi Nakamura, Jun'ichi SuwabeSummary: Yuji Itadori, a kind-hearted teenager, joins his school's Occult Club for fun, but discovers that its members are actual sorcerers who can manipulate the energy between beings for their own use. He hears about a cursed talisman - the finger of Sukuna, a demon - and its being targeted by other cursed beings. Yuji eats the finger to protect his friends, and ends up becoming Sukuna's host. However, Yuji discovers that he has inherited magic and is able to control this power without interference from Sukuna. He joins the Tokyo Metropolitan Magic Technical College to consumes all of Sukuna's fingers, which will enable a full exorcism to take place that will free him.


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Hindi Subbed Episodes》
Sub By – Pain Sama
Thanx To – SNK
Enc. By – King Shab

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  1. ha AAT please 🥺 sub the fate/grand oder please 🥺🥺 and we are very thank full to and your team
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