Horimiya | Hori San To Miyamura Kun Hindi Subbed!!! | [13/13] + [4/4] OVA

Horimiya | Hori San To Miyamura Kun Hindi Subbed!!! | [01/13]

Horimiya | Hori San To Miyamura Kun Hindi Subbed!!!

Genre –  Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
Total eps. – 13
Myanimelist – 8.60
Duration – 23 min per ep.

IMDB Info》

Horimiya  Animation | TV Series (2021– )
Stars: Haruka Tomatsu, Koki Uchiyama, Momo AsakuraSummary: At first glance, the ultra-popular Kyoko Hori seems like a frivolous high school girl, but in reality, she's simple, pragmatic, and family-oriented. On the other hand, the bespectacled Miyamura Izumi comes across as an average, gloomy high school fanboy, but he's actually an attractive young man who has a bad-boy streak and is covered in piercings and tattoos. When these two unexpectedly similar classmates have a random run-in outside of the classroom, a bubbly, sweet tale of school life begins.


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Hindi Subbed Episodes》
Sub By – Son Goku
Thanx To – Pain
Enc. By – King Shab

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Horimiya Summary

On the surface, the thought of Kyouko Hori and Izumi Miyamura getting along would be the last thing in people’s minds. After all, Hori has a perfect combination of beauty and brains, while Miyamura appears meek and distant to his fellow classmates. However, a fateful meeting between the two lays both of their hidden selves bare. Even though she is popular at school, Hori has little time to socialize with her friends due to housework. On the other hand, Miyamura lives under the noses of his peers, his body bearing secret tattoos and piercings that make him look like a gentle delinquent.



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