World Trigger Hindi Sub [Episode 3/73]

Anime Story :  

When a Gate from another world open on earth in “makado City”, this city is invaded by strange creatures known as “Neighbors” but  in response to thier arrival, an organization called the border Defense agency has been established to combat the Neighbor special weapon Called “Trigger”. Even Through several years have passed after the first gate opened,  Neighbor are still a threat and members of border remain on guard to ensure to safety of the   planet earth…So How they protect earth or Fight against Neighbor So watch the Anime and   Enjoy…  

About Anime : 

Anime Name  : World Trigger 

Anime Rating : 8.0  

Anime Studio : Toei Animation 

Anime Genre : Action, Super Natural, Shounen, Sci-fi 

Total Episode : 73 


Encoding by  : Team Deadly subber 

Hindi Sub by : Anonymous Sama 

Language       : Japanese Audio  + Hindi Subtitle 

Duration EP   : 23 or 24 minutes 

Episode List :

Episode 1 : [Mirrored Download Link]

Episode 2 : [Mirrored Download Link]

Episode 3 : [Mirrored Download Link] 


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